All of the buildings, all of those cars
were once just a dream
in somebody's head
Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel

Cocoacrumbs started a long time ago as a small blog about Apple’s Cocoa framework as I learned about it. But the declining quality of macOS (iOS never appealed to me for the things I want to do) and the astronomical prices Apple dares to command for their hardware (often of poor design and quality with corresponding huge repair costs) slowly drove me away into the arms of Linux and Windows.

At the same time I moved from an apartment to a house with a small garden. Suddenly I got a lot more room to pick up the hobby of my youth again (the joy of having a garage to put some decent tools in, I even have a tiny CNC machine now). Which means you can expect some blogposts in the future about the things I make. That’s probably going to be quite diverse. Expect some garden related things but also electronic experiments (both analog and digital).

Oh, since I moved from an apartment to a house, cats started invading my life as well. So you will be treated with cat pictures/stories every now and then I’m afraid.

Sloeber. First seen 2017-04-22. Starved and look at him now.

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