All of the buildings, all of those cars
were once just a dream
in somebody's head
Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel


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Every serious audiophile knows that properly grounding his equipment is of utmost importance to obtain the best possible sound quality. Of course companies have realised this and offer their own, very expensive, solutions. However, it can be a lot simpler, better and above all, a lot cheaper.


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Another problem I encountered with my cheap CNC 3040 was the cheap spindle. First problem was that it started vibrating (a lot) at certain speeds. Another problem was the higher than expected run out (i.e. rotation inaccuracy which occurs when the tool is no longer aligned with the main axis).


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Now that everything is working properly, armed with a fresh set of blank PCB’s and plenty of CNC mills it’s time to try out if machining a PCB is feasible.

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