All of the buildings, all of those cars
were once just a dream
in somebody's head
Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel


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I bought my house casco. Which basically means I have to do the finishing all by myself (saves quite some money). I camped for months in my sleeping room while finishing the other rooms in the evening after work. To avoid I would slowdown in finishing the rooms, I kept the living/listening room for last.

L shaped living room before I.
L shaped living room before II.

After a few months of work finishing the other rooms I could start on my living/listening room. It is now painted, light fixtures have been placed, wooden floor has been put in, skirts have been placed, etc. Time to finally decide on the furniture.

For my HiFi system, I was missing something good looking and practical at the same time. I shopped around and I found some designs I liked but all had the wrong size, felt cheap and were expensive at the same time (hey Apple, you’re not alone …). I figured out I could actually design/build something myself. In the end I selected 40 mm thick rubberwood for my design since it looks nice, has a reasonable price and is also durable. It also meant this would be heavy…After some quick sketches to get the needed sizes, I went to the local woodshop. An hour later I could fill my car with the cut pieces of rubberwood.

Fits nicely in the car.

Since this would be a heavy piece of furniture that would probably need to be moved a few times in its live (e.g. changing cables for the HiFi), I first placed some sturdy wheels on the bottom plate.

Fitting some wheels.

Then we start adding the other pieces. I used wood glue instead of screws to keep everything together.

First 'level' is in place.
Second 'level' is in place.

All in all, in less than 2 hours, everything was assembled. I then gave it two layers of transparent oil (to keep its, natural, light color) and used fine sandpaper between each layer to get a baby smooth surface. Time to try it out with some LoFi equipment…

Nearly empty living room and some LoFi.

And this, a few weeks later, when everything was set up and positioned correctly.

Final setup.

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