All of the buildings, all of those cars
were once just a dream
in somebody's head
Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel


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My feral, rescue cat (I named her Molly in the meantime, after the late cat of my parents) is extremely shy and in the past weeks I barely saw her. The only way you would know a cat is in the house is because food is disappearing while the litterbox is (rapidly) filling up. However, I soon found out that Molly is a she.

Monday morning around 6 AM, I heard faint meowing… Running downstairs to the living room I found her, behind the curtains, giving birth to her second kitten. So, somehow, a tomcat must have been able to go in and out of that garage and taking care for his offspring…

I put the 2 kittens in a basket and moved them to my 2nd bedroom where it’s a lot quieter. Luckily the fresh mother followed and when I went to work she was already taking care of both of them.

Taking care of her new born kittens.

Then I went to work not knowing if more would follow. When I came home in the evening, Molly had moved to the bed, taken her 2 kittens with her and an extra 3 kittens.

When I came back home in the evening.
More kittens...

Having such a shy, feral cat with 5 kittens in house is not easy. First task was to give her some private space where she could hide a bit and take care for her kittens. With some carton from moving boxes, I created a little space for her and the kittens where she hopefully will feel save.

Some private space.
If a look could kill...

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