All of the buildings, all of those cars
were once just a dream
in somebody's head
Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel


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Hello World

The kittens are 4 months old now and had their first peek of the outside world through the windows. Their mother, Molly, wants to be outside as well and seems to be quite interested in the tomcats that walk outside. Luckily we finally could sterilize her a few weeks ago otherwise we would end up with a new nest of kittens in no time. But since she stays very shy we don’t know if she will return back if let her out.

It’s also the start of my annual holiday, the weather is nice. So the perfect moment to open the doors and let them explore the world.

Molly did ran away, which is a bit heart breaking after all the effort we did to make her feel at home. Luckily, less than 24 hours later we spotted her outside and I quickly prepared a bowl of food for her (I didn’t expect her to come in). When I opened the window to give her her food, she immediately ran inside, up the stairs and under the bed. After a while she came back downstairs for food. She now spends most of her time outside (she doesn’t like it when it’s raining ;-) but does return for food and sleep and keeping an eye on her kittens (which is a bit amazing since the kittens are quite old now and should be leaving their nest).

Filou, wondering what that yellow thing in the sky could be.
Minou, giving a mean look.
Should I go or should I stay?
What is this?
This is fun.
Molly heading for the bushes.
I'm really outside?
This doesn't look even close to the garage I grew up in!
Startled Minou.

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