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were once just a dream
in somebody's head
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Audiophile grounding

Every serious audiophile knows that properly grounding his equipment is of utmost importance to obtain the best possible sound quality. Of course companies have realised this and offer their own, very expensive, solutions. However, it can be a lot simpler, better and above all, a lot cheaper.

For the price, commercial solutions certainly don’t give you much ground. You may be lucky to get 1 kilo of ground for your hard earned cash. My solution is a lot simpler, and I believe is also a lot more effective since I simply cover a lot more ground than these small ground boxes can do. To have this effect, I ordered 15 metric tons or 10 cubic meters (more is better for every audiophile) of the best quality earth I could obtain.

Big truck for lots of grounding pleasure I.
Big truck for lots of grounding pleasure II.
Carefully putting the grounding into place I.
Carefully putting the grounding into place II.
Ready to be connected to my system.

Now that everything is carefully installed in place, it’s time to connect the earth wire to it. For now, I’m using the familiar copper wire with the obligatory green/yellow isolation. When funds allow it again, this is going to be replaced with a 10 mm2 wire made from unobtanium.

Earth wire in place (soon to be replaced by unobtanium instead of mere copper).

I’m also counting on my (and the neighbourhood) cats to keep the soil moist and at the correct acidity level for optimal results.

Here's Molly demonstrating a proof of concept.

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